Monday, 19 May 2014

Snow with friends

Hi there everybody,
sorry about the wait between posts, but I started a full time job in March and haven't had much time to do things of an illustration nature, which is a true shame. Still, with my contract ending in a week, I'll either be looking for a new job or hopefully changing to part time in my current job, either way I should soon have time for my real passion.

So today, I have once again an illustration gift for a friend. This particular friend loves penguins, (her house is full of penguin plushies). So it was pretty obvious where my direction came from in this piece. The main thing I wanted to try in this was to paint a background and I'm fairly happy with how that came out. I also decided on some very Scandinavian patterns, partly because I love geometric patterns, but also because I see it everywhere at the moment. So many people are wearing jumpers with these types of patterns. Th pattern on the scarf are snow covered leafless trees, I was impressed with how nice this simple pattern worked

I looked to colour starting with a purple, as it's my friend's favourite colour. this also worked in compliment with the oranges in the emperor penguin's colouring.

I was so happy when she decided to display it next to her television, to give it such a prime position, she must really love it.

How you enjoyed the piece, see you next time ^_^

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