Monday, 9 September 2013

Rusty pipes and a piece of Melbourne

Greetings! I hope this day finds you relatively free enough to check out this update. Today I have two works for you to check out, both of which were presents for friends. I seem to do more of that than anything else, but that's alright. Doing work for friends always involves unique challenges since I have a completely open brief, but need to try and create something I know they'll appreciate. This can really test my knowledge of the people I know.

So this piece was for a fan of Mario obviously. Now usually I don't do fan art. The reasons for this are two-fold. Firstly that it can quite often not look as professional as original work and secondly that it removes the most interesting and complex part of art for me: Design.When one does fan art, the design is already well established, so there's less to do from a design perspective.

However there are times I love a game or anime so much that I really want to do some fan art. I decided though that the best way to keep design an integral part of the work is to insert an original character into an existing world.

In keeping with that rule, I created a new Mario brother, or sister in this case. Much of the design comes from feminising aspects of Mario's costume.Note the puzzle box earrings. Since my friend is a nurse, I wanted to make out that this character could be much like a healer in RPG style games, the idea being that from her magically bottomless bag she could throw out power-ups for her co-players to collect.

The background I knew from the very beginning would need to contain the iconic sewer pipe (when you google it, the images are mostly Mario related). So I decided to have them floating in the sky. I have  a penchant for flying things, just can't help it.

The last artwork for today was for a good friend and fellow illustrator going back to her home country after living in Australia for 5 years in which she attended the same university that I did. It's a fairly simple concept. I wanted to draw her something that would remind her of Melbourne and have a character eating cheese as she rather enjoys it. I chose Flinders Street Station, as not only is it a lovely old building, but also has a nice strong recognisable colour scheme that makes it stand out. I'm quite happy with the result, especially when you consider my last attempt at the building with my Flinders band piece, which can be found in the illustration section of this site. Levene loved it too!

You can check out her website here.

That's it from me, see you next time, in the blogs ^_^

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