Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Otherworldly charms

With the ending of my exhibited work at Brunswick Street Gallery, I'm happy to now present those pieces on this blog. If you were unable or unwilling to see them there, you can now see them with the ease of the internet. 

I actually had 4 pieces planned, but because of space and time constraints I had to cut down to only two artworks. Still, I'm happy with how they came out. I will eventually get round to finishing the other ones.

So without further words, here they are.

This was my first time doing backgrounds in this particular style, as I usually do characters on their own without background. This time, I really wanted to make prints worth buying, so I had them professionally printed. They are 100% archival quality on Museo portfolio rag, signed and numbered. Currently I don't have a store, but if you'd like to buy a print, contact me (using the contact tab at the top of this blog) and I'm sure I can arrange it.

The work continues...

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